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Aviation Consulting

Areas of Expertise

  • Forecasting Commercial Aircraft Markets
    • Large Transport Aircraft
    • Regional Jets
    • Regional Turboprops
    • Business Aircraft
  • Market Analysis for New Aircraft Programs
  • Early Warning Indicators for Market Corrections
  • Airline Reports and Analysis
  • Expert Witness Testimony
  • Fuel Prices and New Aircraft Demand / Retirement
  • Scope Clauses and Regional Jet Restrictions
  • Fractional Ownership
  • Regional Jets and High Fuel Prices
  • VLJ and Air Taxi Markets

Walsh Aviation offers a quarterly update service for the commercial and regional aircraft markets. "THE QUARTERLY CALL" is a one-on-one conference call with your company using emailed PowerPoint charts. Click here for details.

Contact: John F. Walsh

Walsh Aviation
4224 Hilldale Road
San Diego, CA 92116
Phone: (410)-573-9267
Fax: (443)-926-9937

Clients - Jan. 2021
75 Companies
11 Countries

  • Government Agencies
  • Large Aircraft Manufacturers and Subcontractors
  • Raw Material Suppliers
  • Regional Jet Manufacturers and Suppliers
  • Turboprop Manufacturers and Suppliers
  • Business Jet Manufacturers and Suppliers
  • Engine Manufacturers and Subcontractors
  • Financial Institutions
  • Investment Analysts
  • Law Firms
  • Aircraft and Engine Leasing Companies

Market Studies

Walsh Aviation has a reputation for "telling it like it is". Hard-hitting, objective, and thorough analysis is the trademark of Walsh Aviation's consulting service.

Responsive, with fast turn around times to meet the most demanding schedule requirements.

Walsh Aviation market studies typically use a series of charts, tables, and bullet style commentary that organize pertinent data leading to a set of concise summary conclusions. An on-site presentation at the client's location or conference call allows for questions and discussion both during and after the presentation.

The background data and supporting analysis are sufficiently detailed to allow clients to form their own independent conclusions and develop alternative scenarios.




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